Service Organizations

Accunomics assists service organizations in understanding the true profitability of their field operations, and optimizing their pricing, service model, customer segments and distribution network for maximum profitability.

Terminal and Fleet Operator

We engaged at petroleum products terminal and fleet operator that distributes hundreds of millions of barrels of product annually. The client operates a nationwide network of pipelines and terminals, and a captive fleet of tanker trucks. It also partners with third party providers for additional reach and capacity. As a result of our work, the company banked $42 million in annual savings and significantly reduced the complexity and capital requirements of its operation.

Field Service Organization

We engaged at fully integrated water treatment service provider with annual revenues of over $800 million. The company develops and manufactures specialty chemical products, and delivers those products via a nationwide field service organization. Their technicians conduct analysis of water samples, and administer treatment regimes, to clients in a variety of commercial and residential segments. While the business had been steadily expanding into new product and market areas, management was frustrated by declining margins and stagnant profits. As a result of our work, operating profits improved by $75 million.

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