Sales and Marketing Organizations

Accunomics assists sales organization in understanding the value of their customers and customer segments, and aligning pricing, service and distribution to optimize profits.

Commercial Fuels Marketer

We engaged at a $700 million fuel wholesaler focused on industrial and transportation customers. The business was focused on driving volumes, largely through the use of term purchase agreements, and was minimally profitable. Management reporting and planning processes were focused on distributive area, rather than more actionable territories or customers, and were mostly driven off of annual cycles. Further, lacked visibility into customer level discounting practices. As a result of our project, the company realized a $20 Million improvement in gross margins, and a 25% increase in operating income.

Specialty Lubricants Marketer

Accunomics engaged at a specialty marketer of lubricant products with over $320 million in annual sales. The business was losing $40 million per year, and management was confounded that their recent 8% increase in list prices had not stopped the bleeding. As a result of our work, profits improved to $90 Million, an increase of nearly $130 Million.

Retail Fuel Marketer

We engaged at major fuel retailer with tens of billions of dollars in annual sales. The business was coming off its best performance in recent years, but still had rising expenses levels and a history of underperforming relative to plan. The economic turmoil and falling oil prices had prompted the executive team to proactively optimize the business. As a result of our work, operating profits are up over 250%.

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