Smashing Silos

The Accunomics Guide to the New Normal

A Business Novel by Bob Shaw

Smashing Silos delves deep into both the analytical and political aspects of transforming a business. Crafted as a novel, Smashing Silos is an enjoyable read that illustrates the data-driven approaches necessary to make sound decisions, and the interpersonal challenges inherent in implementing them. Drawing on his extensive experience with Fortune 100 clients, the author brings real business challenges to life with accurate character depictions and rich data sets. The scenarios will resonate with any corporate veteran, and the lessons apply to businesses large and small alike.


After years of rotational assignments and corporate grooming, David Hewitt is finally charged with running his own business unit. His excitement is dampened as he steps onto a burning platform of financial underperformance, with an organization that’s all too well accustomed to the status quo.

With the assistance of a battle hardened consultant and small team of data-savvy analysts, David digs beneath the surface of his company’s financial statements to reveal the true issues with its complex operations. He discovers an organization mired in the costs of servicing small customers and supporting low volume products. Worse, with deeply discounted contracts and overly generous service terms, he finds that even some of his largest customers aren’t making money.

Armed with detailed information about the company’s profitability, David embarks on a crusade to restructure his operations, and get his organization focused on the bottom line. His team embraces a new set of strategic imperatives, and a lofty new financial objective. By achieving new levels of transparency and accountability in the company’s financial results, he’s able to drive the new culture right down to his front line employees, and achieve results that few thought possible.

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