Work Stream Lead

Work Stream Leads bring deep domain expertise and business acumen to Accunomics’ clients while also leading a small team of Accunomics’ consultants. They work closely with client leaders to implement improvement programs at all levels of the organization.

Job Description

Work Stream Leads plan and execute in-depth studies and improvement initiatives within a given business discipline, such as supply chain management, pricing optimization, operating expense management, product management and organizational design. They are responsible for integrating the findings from the Accunomics’ profitability model with the client’s strategic objectives and current business constraints.

Work Stream Leads manage teams of 1-3 Accunomics consultants, as well as provide leadership with a similarly sized client team.


  • Work Stream Leads typically have over 5 years of management consulting experience.
  • These consultants have demonstrated the ability to realize substantial business benefits for their clients.
  • The person in this role must be able to design, direct and quality-assure Accunomics’ detailed analytical and quantitative studies, while also being able to extract the salient ‘big picture’ business implications.
  • They have excellent interpersonal skills, such that they can develop trusted relationships with our clients, and successfully lead their teams.

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