Work Stream Consultant

Accunomics’ consultants are data-driven, fact-based professionals who are capable of leveraging quantitative studies to identify business improvement opportunities. Our consultants establish trusted relationships with our clients, even in challenging environments, and work closely with them to implement our recommendations.

Job Description

Work stream consultants perform structured and creative analysis of our clients’ businesses, and make extensive use of the Accunomics’ profitability model, to gain new insights into our clients’ operations. Working as part of a joint team of Accunomics’ professionals and client leaders, they identify and quantify improvement opportunities, and then present those ideas to senior executives. Our consultants remain engaged throughout the implementation and roll-out of the new strategies, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the client as they realize the business benefits.

Work stream consultants often specialize in a particular business discipline, such as supply chain management, pricing optimization, operating expense management, product management and organizational design.


  • An Accunomics’ work stream consultant typically has 3+ years of consulting experience, often with a major global consultancy. However, a more seasoned industry professional, or occasionally a high-potential recent graduate, will often fill this role.
  • Our consultants must possess excellent analytical and quantitative skills, including the ability to carefully analyze income statements and other financial and operational data.
  • They also have the business acumen necessary to come up to speed quickly in new environments, and to identify improvement opportunities in our client’s businesses.
  • They must be proficient in working with large data sets, and are experts in spreadsheet and presentation applications.
  • An MBA is preferred.

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