Profitability Modeler

Accunomics’ Profitability Modelers create and refine the Accunomics’ profitability model – a ground up representation of the client’s business that provides new insights beyond the client’s corporate financial statements. Their work becomes the foundation of the entire Accunomics business transformation process, and serves as the source for the Accunomics Management Operating System.

Job Description

Accunomics’ Modelers develop enterprise scale models of our clients’ business from the invoice up. They consolidate sales transactions into a single data source, and then allocate operating expenses down to the transaction level. Our Modelers work closely with the client’s finance staff to cleanse and reconcile the data, and then collaborate with our work streams teams to develop creative insights into the business. Throughout the process, they make extensive use of database and spreadsheet technologies, and serve as technical resource for other members of the team.


  • Accunomics’ Profitability Modelers typically have 3+ years of experience as finance or accounting professionals, such as an accountant, auditor, financial analyst or business analyst.
  • They must understand corporate financial statements, and the business processes used to create them, and be able to manipulate and reconcile the underlying data.
  • Profitability Modelers possess exceptional quantitative and analytic skills, and a keen attention to detail.
  • They are proficient in working with very large data sets.
  • Excellent Excel skills are a required, and database application skills are highly preferred (e.g. Microsoft Access, SQL Server).
  • Accunomics Modelers often serve as the primary relationship managers with the client’s finance and IT departments, and must have professional interpersonal and presentation skills.

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