Consultant Roles

Learn about our different roles:

Engagement Manager

Lead the Accunomics’ team through assessment and delivery projects, serving as Accunomics’ primary project manager and representative to the client. Counsel client executives through the challenges of transforming their businesses while develop new opportunities for Accunomics services.

Work Stream Lead

Plan and deliver innovative yet practical projects in conjunction with our clients. Drive a joint Accunomics-client team in the areas of pricing, operating expense, supply chain or other commercial areas.

Work Stream Consultant

Apply an array of financial, strategic and operational analyses to discover new opportunities for improving our client’s profitability. Work closely with our clients to validate, plan and implement your recommended actions.

Profitability Modeler

Integrate business acumen with accounting data to create a new, more detailed model of our client’s business. Leverage database and desktop technologies to gain insight into the huge data sets produced by our large corporate clients.

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